Our Story

Bojana Nedic | Andrew Colterjohn | Ian Lenihan


Andrew’s grandparents needed a suitable retirement home; a task much more difficult than they and their family were expecting. The bulk of the search fell to Andrew’s father Richard, who spent hours each night sifting through the Internet to find retirement options for his elderly parents. He discovered that retirement homes are all different with a variety of amenities and levels of care. To keep track of his findings Richard used a spreadsheet which quickly grew out of control.

Andrew returned home after a trip abroad to find his father in the den staring a the computer with a look of exasperation. Andrew wanted to find a way to help his grandparents and his father. While travelling he had relied heavily on travel websites and peer ratings to plan his trip. Why wasn’t there a website like this for seniors and families looking for retirement homes?

Meanwhile, Bojana was finishing her Master’s degree and developing resources to help families of individuals living with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Bojana had a lot of experience working with Personal Support Workers and the elderly and wanted to establish an organization that would make a bigger social impact.

The two friends got together over dinner and shared their stories. At the end of the evening Pearl’s Choice was born. They named their new venture after Andrew’s grandmother who was the inspiration for the business. Together Andrew and Bojana, along with their cofounder Ian, have grown Pearl’s Choice into the most comprehensive resource for retirement homes in Canada, dedicated to helping seniors and their families with their chapter in life.


Our Team


Bojana Nedic
Co-Founder and Managing Director
As an occupational therapy researcher, Bojana was surprised to discover the significant gaps in retirement planning resources available to caregivers and the elderly. This gave her the idea to build a comprehensive and accessible senior living resource, Pearl’s Choice. With an energetic and empathetic leadership style, Bojana manages the day-to-day activities of the company while ensuring Pearl’s Choice remains the most informative and accessible retirement community resource for seniors and their families across Canada.


Andrew Colterjohn
Co-Founder and Managing Director
Andrew’s grandparents are the inspiration and namesake of Pearl’s Choice. After experiencing the difficulty of navigating Canada’s complicated retirement community market first-hand, Andrew knew there had to be a better way. After discussing his experience with Bojana, the concept for Pearl’s Choice was born. As the numbers guy, with experience in corporate finance and Capital Markets, Andrew keeps the lights on in the office and ensures Pearl’s Choice remains a free resource for all Canadians.


Ian Lenihan
Co-Founder and Director of Sales
Ian is the relationship builder for Pearl’s Choice. His passion for changing the way Canadians view senior living helps Pearl’s Choice build bridges between families and retirement communities on a daily basis. Working closely with retirement home operators, Ian positions Pearl’s Choice as a trusted partner by increasing their brand exposure and reputation with seniors and their families across Canada.


Our Mission


Our mission is to connect seniors and their families with quality retirement living communities by providing free, impartial and unbiased information and resources.


Our Core Values



We work to empower our users to find accurate information with ease and confidence, our community partners to make meaningful connections and our team to work together to meet our common goals.


We foster collaborative relationships between our users and community operators to support a diverse and inclusive environment.


We strive to provide accurate up-to-date information to remain the most comprehensive and reliable retirement community resource available by demonstrating honesty and fairness in every action that we take.