We’re here to make your search for the right retirement home as easy as possible. If you have any questions about using Pearl’s Choice, please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) available below.
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1.   How long will it take for my review to appear?

Your review will appear in approximately 48 hours. All retirement home and assisted living reviews must be vetted to ensure authenticity and quality. As an unbiased resource for both users and retirement homes, we ensure all reviews—positive or negative—meet our guidelines.

2.   Can my reviews be anonymous?

Yes, all reviews may be posted anonymously. For verification purposes, each review must be submitted along with an email address; however, emails and any other identify information is kept strictly confidential.

3.   Are there any costs associated with using Pearl’s Choice?

No, Pearl’s Choice is a FREE resource for anyone looking for retirement, nursing, and assisted living homes and reviews. Zero ($0) cost and no hidden fees.

4.     How do I customize for short-list of retirement homes?

You may add any home of interest to your profile’s short-list for easy access and sharing. You can name these short-lists anything you like by clicking on the ‘Your Shortlisted Communities Tab’ within your profile, then clicking on the pencil icon to the left of the list’s current name.

5.   Do retirement homes that pay Pearl’s Choice receive preferential treatment?

Partnered homes have access to enhanced profiles and may be featured on our home page. Pearl’s Choice offers an unbiased and impartial to families like yours which is not influenced by partnered or free homes. Additionally, no retirement home is able to delete or hide any reviews.

6.   Can more than one person use my profile?

Yes! Please feel free to share your profile, but remember that you are responsible for any actions taken by the other individual.

7.   Can I share my short-list digitally?

Yes, the option to digitally share your short-list is located on the “my profile” tab in the top banner.

8.   Can I try a retirement home out before moving in?

Many retirement homes offer trial stays, offering prospective tenants a taste of life at that particular home. We highly recommend doing a trial stay before committing to moving in, as it helps ensure you’re making the right decision.

9.   How accurate are the amenities, services and features listed on Pearl’s Choice?

We strive to ensure the highest levels of accuracy on all of our featured retirement homes. However, changes frequently occur at homes across Canada every day so we recommend speaking with the retirement home directly for confirmation.

10.   Why are retirement homes in Quebec not listed?

At this time we do not have the resources available to provide detailed listings of retirement and assisted living homes in Quebec. We hope to do so in the future and will keep you posted.

11.   How comprehensive is Pearl’s Choice?

We are Canada’s most comprehensive retirement home resource and database. However, as comprehensive as we are, there are some retirement communities not available in our database due to them not having an online presence or directory listing. If you know of a retirement home we are missing, please contact us to let us know.