What does the Canadian Cancer Society do?

Sereen Woo Health & WellnessMarch 29, 2017
What does the Canadian Cancer Society do? Keep reading to find out more about this organization and the services it offers.

Tips for decorating your new home

Sereen Woo Planning for RetirementMarch 06, 2017
Nice home
Optimize Visibility. Eyesight changes with age, especially when we get older. To improve visibility during the day, try to incorporate stronger contrasts in colour between furniture, surrounding walls, drapes and floors. Light sconces and hallway lights are essential for...

Overcoming the fear of change when considering a retirement home

Sereen Woo Planning for RetirementFebruary 23, 2017
Worried elderly woman
People are afraid of change because they are satisfied with their life now. Change associated with retirement brings up possibilities of losing your home, losing touch with your friends and family or having to deal with a whole new lifestyle. How can you manage that fear of change?

Fear of aging

Sereen Woo Health & WellnessFebruary 23, 2017
Getting older women
Take a look back at some of your early photos. Big frizzy hair, skin blemishes, glasses bigger than your face, what was so great about being young again? Was homework as great as you remember it? Do you miss having a curfew? The fact is, as much as we wax on nostalgic about our youth, there are many things we don't miss...

How to deal with downsizing

Sereen Woo Planning for RetirementFebruary 23, 2017
Moving into a smaller space at a retirement home means you live with fewer things but you have more friends at your fingertips. Keep reading for some tips on downsizing your stuff and feeling great!