Online banking: Safe or scary?

Sereen Woo Senior Lifestyle April 06, 2017
Online banking img
Many people are wary of online banking because they worry about keeping their information secure but keep reading for more information on staying safe with online banking!

The benefits of video games for seniors

Bojana NedicHealth & WellnessJuly 30, 2017
Video game
A new trend is senior-friendly video games. Research now indicates that video games, including puzzles and sport simulation games, may be beneficial for seniors.

Biking benefits for seniors

Sereen Woo Health & WellnessMarch 30, 2017
Biking is a good activity you can do alone or in a group.Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of biking for seniors...

Save time, reduce stress with a grocery delivery service

Sereen Woo Senior Lifestyle March 30, 2017
Food healthy vegetables potatoes
Getting your groceries delivered is easier than ever. Why not try it the next time your cupboard is bare?

Summer safety tips

Sereen Woo Health & WellnessMarch 29, 2017
Summer health for seniors
It's the summer! The sun is up longer and later but with the additional light comes the additional heat. Seniors are more vulnerable to the heat so here are some quick tips to have a fun and safe summer!...