Know your tenant rights at a retirement home in Ontario

Liza Quail, Student of Law Planning for RetirementNovember 01, 2017
Whether you've already moved into a retirement home or you're about to sign a lease, you'll want to know about tenant rights in Ontario....

Nothing like the great outdoors: summer activities for seniors

Sereen Woo Health & WellnessJuly 26, 2017
Sunglasses beach
We've got a special treat! Check out this guest blog from Spectrum Health Care...

Pearl's Corner: A daughter's story about her dad moving away

Sereen Woo Planning for RetirementJune 20, 2017
A daughter's story: I remember when my dad first moved to a retirement home. I was worried that moving away meant that I would see and think about him less but the opposite happened...

How to manage your holiday traditions when your loved one moves into a retirement home

Sereen Woo Senior Lifestyle June 13, 2017
It may be difficult to capture the same sense of the holidays when your parents or loved ones first move away into a retirement community. Many of your traditions may be tied to spending time at home but there are still lots of ways to celebrate.

Sharing is caring: a new look at semi-private rooms in retirement homes

Bojana NedicPlanning for RetirementSeptember 08, 2017
Semi-private rooms may be tricky for people who aren't used to living with other people. But there are a number of benefits of sharing a living space...