The value of online reviews for retirement homes

Neha AminPlanning for RetirementNovember 15, 2016
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Nearly 9 in 10 users have read online reviews or tried to find one to determine the quality of your residence. While a five-star rating reflects overall quality, reviews provide a channel for residents to tell you exactly what their experience is like - they can leave feedback, report concerns, and make specific feature requests. Today, more and more people trust online reviews, read them carefully and make their decisions based on this information. In fact, a 2014 survey found 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.*


Why reviews matter to seniors choosing a retirement home


Reviews  give users a sense of certainty that they are making the right decision and that real people have enjoyed their stay at a particular residence. User reviews are significantly more trusted than descriptions generated by home operators and are viewed as more truthful than testimonials.


Pearl's Choice allows users to write a review of their experience, whether they've recently toured or stayed at a home, to help inform other Canadians in their search for the right retirement community, while also providing valuable feedback to retirement home operators. To complete the circle, we also allow operators who are Pearl's Choice Partners to respond to reviews. This creates a dialogue between the user and the home operator which benefits both parties through the development of strong relationships. 


Advice for retirement homes: Encourage your residents and their loved ones to share their thoughts to provide you with valuable feedback while also helping to eliminate any doubts potential residents may have about your home. Identifying what you are doing right and learning more about where there is room for improvement can often be a challenge. Reviews and ratings offer great insights into what residents are really looking for and can be used to design a home that truly suits them. 


*BrightLocal Annual Consumer Review Survey 2014 

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