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Neha AminPlanning for RetirementNovember 15, 2016
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Approximately 68% of Pearl's Choice users are looking to move into a retirement home within 1-3 months or the near future. 


At Pearl's Choice, we get many requests from users about recommending homes in a certain location. We then call homes based on the individual's needs to ask a few questions and be sure that the home is a good fit for the user. However, we've found that 87% of the time the Marketing Managers or Lifestyle Consultants are away in meetings or on tours. Reaching staff can be quite difficult, making users wait a few days or weeks just to find out more information, and these few days or weeks are very precious to them. 


That's why we're sharing some recommendations for retirement home operators - based on what our clients are telling us. 


Showcase the information people search for. We recommend home operators showcase room availability, pricing and menu information to help seniors searching for homes to help save time. Pearl's Choice is always striving to provide you the most exposure to seniors and their families. By becoming a Pearl's Choice Partner, you have the option to highlight this information on your listing page and add up to 30 photos to make your home stand out. 


Here's how showcasing this information will help seniors with their search: 


  • Sometimes our users spend an enormous amount of time researching a home and falling in love with it, only to find out that your home does not have any suites available. Try to include this information on your website, letting users know what is available and what is not available. You can also highlight that there is a waitlist for some suite options. 

  • Pricing is one of the biggest factors that affect people's decisions. People don't want to book a tour, find out the price is out of their budget and then be turned down. Knowing costs helps them compare their options and see which one best fits their budget and financial situation. When pricing is displayed, it make the process easier for the user and helps the home operator save time by attracting more qualified individuals for that price range. 

  • Lastly, our users always mention to us, "the food must be good!" Including photos of your menu items will help users to get a feel of what you offer and be able to compare your menu to those of other homes. This will help users visualize and better decide if yours is the right home for them. Try to highlight how often the meals are changed - seniors, like the rest of us, do not want to eat the same food everyday. 

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