Tips for decorating your new home

Sereen Woo Planning for RetirementMarch 06, 2017
Nice home


Optimize Visibility. Eyesight changes with age, especially when we get older. To improve visibility during the day, try to incorporate stronger contrasts in colour between furniture, surrounding walls, drapes and floors. Light sconces and hallway lights are essential for safety during the night. Enjoy your decor! Liven-up your living space by including colourful accent pillows, seat cushions and chairs.


Ensure Safety. When deciding on which furniture you should take, try to eliminate furniture with sharp corners and glass. If you must bring rectangular furniture with sharp corners, consider installing rounded plastic corner encasements that blend in with the décor and protect you from sharp edges.


Avoid busy patterns or designs with dark spots. Busy patterns can cause visual confusion. If you have some vision loss, dark spots in designs can appear as dirt spots or even holes, so try to avoid designs that include them. Simple décor can be very elegant and truly reflect your taste. Family photos and wall art can also help do the job!


Hang family pictures. The goal is to make your new living space feel like home. Bringing furniture and family pictures can provide a great sense of comfort. Having familiar things around you will help you deal with your new living arrangement – even if it’s that old chair you’ve had for years. Photos and framed pictures deserve pride of place in your new home. You can even choose a few photos to enlarge and hang up as wall art.


Keep things accessible. Consider your daily routine when you are arranging your living space. Keep frequently used items inside drawers and cabinets that can be reached without a ladder or stool. Place phones beside your bed and near your sitting areas. And remember, smart furniture positioning can help to reduce injuries and falls.

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