There's an app for that: Technology for caregivers

Neha AminSenior Lifestyle November 24, 2016
Carezone app

As caregivers, you may feel that 24 hours in a day aren’t enough to get everything done. It can often seem as though your hands are always full. Luckily, new technology is here to make things easier for you. The CareZone app can help you manage your time and provide access to a loved one's information as you go about your day to day caregiving tasks.


CareZone is an app accessible from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. It helps to keep files organized along with other information about medication and shareable task lists. You can coordinate with your family members and other caregivers using a shared calendar and journal.


This app allows you to not only care for as many people as you would like, but also for pets and even yourself. It can be shared with other family members and helpers so that they have all the information you have. They can view, add and edit information as long as you give them access.  This keeps everyone informed and means that you don’t have to be the only one responsible for updating information.


CareZone sends you medication reminders, allows you to record doses taken, and track any progress you may see. You can document symptoms for easy reference during medical appointments and record doctor’s instructions. You can then share these updates with co-caregivers and family members. Through this app, you can assign tasks to others to get the help you need. You can store photos of important documents such as a driver’s license for easy access when you need it. CareZone also provides timely information and tips on health topics relevant to you and your family.


To learn more about CareZone, visit to see how the app can make your life as a caregiver a wee bit easier. 

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