Summer safety tips

Sereen Woo Health & WellnessMarch 29, 2017
Summer health for seniors

It’s the summer! The sun is up longer and later but with the additional light comes the additional heat. Seniors are more vulnerable to warmer weather so here are some quick tips to have a fun and safe summer!


Talk to your doctor to see if you have any conditions that make you more susceptible to the heat. Some medications may also be affected by higher temperatures so take extra precautions when storing them, especially if you live in a home that doesn’t have air conditioning. Unused insulin for example, needs to be refrigerated and any cartridges, pens and bottles that are you currently using needs to be kept at room temperature. 

As the weather improves over the summer, you will want to get out there and enjoy the sunshine. Exercise is important but be sure to know your limits. With the heat, you will become more dehydrated easily and seniors in particular are susceptible to hyperthermia. The opposite of hypothermia, hyperthermia is dangerously high body temperatures. Heat stroke is an advanced form of hyperthermia.


Think about taking walks in the mall when the heat becomes too much. Many seniors walk laps in the mall to stay active and cool. Above all, stay hydrated.


If you keep this in mind, you’re sure to have a great summer!

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