Sharing is caring: a new look at semi-private rooms in retirement homes

Bojana NedicPlanning for RetirementSeptember 08, 2017

Semi-private rooms may be tricky for people who are unused to having to live with other people again. Not only are you potentially sharing dining space in a retirement home, you have to consider sharing a living space too?

Make new friends and save money. One of the primary benefits to moving into a retirement home is gaining a new community. It means moving into a place with people that have the same life experience as you. With this in mind, one of the best ways to make new friends is to consider a semi-private room. Roommates are a great way to quickly break the ice for people who are worried about meeting new people. Not only are you saving on costs, but you gain a new best friend. The way it typically works is that, you share the cost for the room and utilities but pay for your care separately.


Live longer. If that isn't enough to convince you: just as married couples tend to live longer, seniors who live together tend to live healthier lifestyles than people who live alone. Having a support system is one of the biggest advantages to semi-private rooms.


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