Pearl's Corner: A daughter's story about her dad moving away

Sereen Woo Planning for RetirementJune 20, 2017

Pearl’s Corner: a daughter talks about her experience when her dad moved into a retirement home.


I remember when my dad first moved to a retirement home. We’d lived apart since I was 26, but this was still a defining moment for me because it meant that he would never be moving back home.


His moving away had the opposite effect on me - I was worried that my dad moving away meant that I would see and think about him even less. But that’s not what happened.


I found that I feel almost closer to him now because it was easy to take him for granted when he was living at home. Now that he’s in a retirement home, our time together means more now. When we visit him, my family goes together. It’s more like a day trip or a special occasion and it makes me feel closer to everyone. It’s a nice reminder that not all changes are all bad.


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