How to deal with downsizing

Sereen Woo Planning for RetirementFebruary 23, 2017

Moving into a retirement home likely means less space and fewer personal items than you had in your other home.  Here are a few ways to help you enjoy the effects of downsizing your space. 


Find something meaningful. Don’t think of your new places as a facility or an institution, but a home. Look for places that appeal to you, maybe it’s in an area with a park. Perhaps, it's closer to your family or more modern than your current space. Whatever it is, look for a place with something special so you will look forward to the move.


Think of it as a fresh start. Many people tend to build up clutter over the years and this is a perfect opportunity to clear away everything that you meant to get around to but never had the time.


Focus on the important things. Many people fixate on the lack of space in their new accommodations but simple keepsakes like family pictures don’t take up much room and will help personalize your new space and make your new place your own.


Remember the things that are important are you and your loved ones and they aren’t going anywhere. Make new friends, keep in touch with the old. Invite them to your new place, throw a housewarming party. Think of it as a new chapter and while there may be less room in your new place, your heart still has lots of room to fill.

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