Save time, reduce stress with a grocery delivery service

Sereen Woo Senior Lifestyle March 30, 2017
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Aging in place isn’t easy if there are no groceries in the cupboard.


Whether you’re a senior or an adult kid, you know the obstacles to stocking the pantry include getting to and from the grocery store and managing a cartload of heavy groceries. Why not remove that stress from yourself (or your parents) and consider getting your groceries delivered right to your door?


Grocery delivery services. You can use a third-party delivery service like InstaBuggy or Amazon to do your shopping online and have your order delivered to you. Depending on the service, you can get your groceries in as little as an hour. Expect to pay a delivery charge for local services but you may get free delivery via Amazon if you order enough.


Groceries delivered by your local store. Many grocery stores like Walmart, Save-On-Foods, Loblaws, Metro and Longo’s offer delivery and/or pick-up services. You order online, paying the same price as in-store, and sign up for a delivery or pick-up time. Delivery fees from your local grocer tend to be less than from the third-party delivery services.


As long as you can order online and have a credit card to pay for the groceries, you can have groceries delivered to your door. Aside from a $10 - $20 delivery fee, there’s no downside.


If you love grocery shopping, keep it up! And when you need to stock up on heavy items, consider using the grocery delivery service. Staying independent doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself!

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