Overcoming the fear of change when considering a retirement home

Sereen Woo Planning for RetirementFebruary 23, 2017
Worried elderly woman

People are afraid of change because they are satisfied with their life now. Change associated with retirement brings up possibilities of losing your home, losing touch with your friends and family or having to deal with a whole new lifestyle. How can you manage that fear of change? A trick you can use is to think:


1. What’s the worst that could happen?

2. What’s the best that could happen?

3. What would most likely happen?


For example: By retiring, you’re worried about worried about losing contact with friends and family because they are continuing with their lives and you are not.


Think about the worst that could happen: you could end up living in the middle of nowhere. Your best friend is the raccoon that keeps visiting but you think that he only loves you for the food.


The best that could happen is that retiring means you actually have more time to see your friends and family than ever before. On top of that, moving into a retirement community means that you are meeting a whole new group of people with similar life experiences and interests. Between all your old friends and your new ones, you are now the most popular kid in school!


What would most likely happen? Yes, you may lose touch with some to the people you see on daily basis at work but it’s also true to that you could make a whole host of new friends too. Retirement communities are just that: communities. There is so much social programming out there to explore and you will that your life isn’t on pause by any means.

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