Fear of aging

Sereen Woo Health & WellnessFebruary 23, 2017
Getting older women


Take a look back at some of your early photos. Big frizzy hair, skin blemishes, glasses bigger than your face, what was so great about being young again?


Was homework as great as you remember it? Do you miss having a curfew? The fact is, as much as we wax on nostalgic about our youth, there are many things we don’t miss. Aging can be scary but it also rings a new change, a better one.


We are harsh on ourselves. When it comes to our physical appearances, it’s easy to put yourself down. Commiserate with your friends! Share some anecdotes with your friends about how much you hate that you think you’re getting shorter, bigger etc. Misery loves company but you might find that you’re being harsh on yourself.


Fear of aging can be a symptom of a larger fears and the only way to solve that is to face them. Are you afraid of becoming a burden as you get older? Plan ahead! Being prepared for the worst means that you can take care of yourself now so others won’t have to later.


Overall, the best thing to do is to change your perception on aging, getting older doesn’t mean the end. People can learn things at any age. You may to put aside some things but there’s still a host of new things just waiting for you to explore.

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