How to manage your holiday traditions when your loved one moves into a retirement home

Sereen Woo Senior Lifestyle June 13, 2017

It may be difficult to capture the same sense of the holidays when your parents or loved ones first move away into a retirement community. Many of your traditions may be tied to spending time at home but there are still lots of ways to celebrate.


Celebrate in a new location. The important thing is being with your family or knowing that your family is thinking about you. Consider moving the celebrations to the retirement home. Many homes have multi-purpose rooms that can be booked and serve as a private place for you and your loved ones to celebrate. This may be a good compromise by maintaining privacy while still accommodating your loved one. It may feel different but an upside is less cleaning you have to do!


Keep things simple. No one is expecting things to be same so take the opportunity to introduce a new tradition. People remember the time they spent together, the things they laughed about more than anything else.


Have a long-distance plan. If visiting is not an option, send gifts and letters and make phone calls. They do so much more than you think. It’s the thought that counts.


The important thing is connecting with your loved ones. Homes may change but it’s your love that makes all the difference during the holidays and year-round.

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