Visiting and supporting your loved one in their new retirement home

Bojana NedicCaregiving August 24, 2017
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When someone you love moves into a new retirement home, you may worry and wonder how to remain close. Here are some tips for staying connected with your loved one: 


Take advantage of visiting to evaluate your loved one’s health, safety and well-being. You may constantly find yourself worrying about how your loved one is doing at their retirement home. Visiting will assure you that they are happy and well. It’s also a chance to make note of any differences since you last saw them.


Remind them that you love them. It may feel like a given, but sometimes it takes an in-person visit to make your loved one happy and remind them that you love them. Taking time out of your busy schedule to see them not only shows that you care, but also gives you a chance to enjoy their affection. Plan the visit ahead of time and enjoy that sense of connection.


Enjoy shared memories. Visits serve as special opportunities to reminisce about happy family moments. These memory prompts can be beneficial to those with dementia and memory loss. Many of our strongest memories relate to sights, smells and sounds and reminiscing in detail during conversations with your senior loved one can aid in recalling happy times.


Create new memories. Retirement living is a huge step for seniors. With each visit, you are creating a new memory; something for your loved one to look back on that doesn’t change even when other things do. Reminiscing about a visit, whether it was a walk, a small get together, or a shared meal, will make your loved one very happy.


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