Caregiver gift ideas

Bojana NedicCaregiving August 30, 2017

According to Statistics Canada, 8 million Canadians provided care to family members or friends in 2012. While there are many rewards to providing care, stress is one of the consequences for caregivers, especially during the holidays. If you know a caregiver, remember that they can use, and will appreciate all the support and encouragement they can receive.  Caregivers are not always looking for something tangible. Quite often all they want is an extra pair of hands to accomplish their countless responsibilities.


Spa day: Sometimes all a caregiver needs is to rejuvenate and relax. They are so caught up in everyone else’s needs that they often do not have time to care for their own. A day to self-indulge with massages and facials is wonderfully refreshing and makes a perfect gift.


Household maintenance: Being a caregiver is a huge responsibility while also managing day to day needs. Sometimes tasks such as housecleaning become more onerous as they are added to the myriad of other duties that a caregiver has.  You might want to give your caregiver friend or member of the family a gift certificate to a house cleaning service or offer to clean the house yourself.


A good meal: A meal out may not seem like a big deal but it can be a real treat for caregivers. Take them to a nice restaurant or give them a gift certificate to enjoy a meal. Offer to take care of their senior loved one when they are out so that they are not worried. Stopping by their house and delivering a home-cooked, nutritious meal is always appreciated.


Respite day: Offer to stay with the elderly person so the caregiver can have time off to shop, enjoy a movie with a friend, or even read a book. Put together a small book of coupons that includes offers to do groceries, run errands or take care of the senior loved one when the caregiver has appointments.




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