Technology that helps seniors age in place

Neha AminSenior Lifestyle November 25, 2016
Aging in place


You may be unfamiliar with the latest technology. But it can certainly help relieve some of the worries about your ability to live independently.  Take the time to talk to your family members to discuss various systems that can help you to stay safe and ultimately support your desire to remain at home.


Home monitoring systems. These systems operate through strategically placed sensors.  They range from motion and flood detectors which can also be placed on bed, toilets, doors and other places around the home. When the system recognizes some sort of disruption, a notification is provided to your loved one. This helps to monitor your daily activities. Some home monitoring systems have communication features such as text messaging and email to allow for regular check ins wherever you might be.


GPS tracking systems. These systems assist you when you are out of doors.  They can alert the authorities and help locate you quickly. These systems operate through a range of satellites which use signals that are transmitted to GPS systems to give information on location. By measuring the distance between your device, the cell tower and satellite signals, your location can be pinpointed exactly and help will be on its way.


Medication reminders. There are a number of technological tools available to help you. One example is TabSafe, an easy-to-use, effective solution for managing medication schedules. This system reminds you to take your medication, dispenses it and monitors adherence. TabSafe provides assurance to your loved ones that you’re keeping to your schedule and enables you to avoid costly emergency visits and hospitalizations. For more information, visit


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