When is it time to change?

Sereen W Asks...

When is it time to change?

Dear Sereen W:


Retirement living is all about you. You are the one who gets to decide where you want your life to go. It’s easy to think that you have years before you have to worry about retiring but the truth is, the earlier you start planning, the more options you have.


Too many people wait until they need assistance before they start looking for retirement homes. This severely limits their choices of retirement homes and puts people into stressful situations where they need assistance now and have to contend with waiting lists. If you are worried about the change, moving to a retirement home early will give you the chance to adjust without feeling resentful and feeling like you were forced into this change.


Booking a tour is also a great way to explore options and by visiting Pearl’s Choice, you can see a handy Book a Tour button on every listing page. What better way to learn more about retirement living than visiting the home itself? Book a tour now!