What are some tips for aging in place?

Sereen W Asks...

What are some tips for aging in place?

Dear Sereen W:

A great place to start is the bathroom. Simple modifications will allow you to continue to use the bathroom independently even as your mobility may decrease. Install grab bars and hand-held showers. These are inexpensive and will give you a sense of security especially for those with balance problems.

Aging in place can add up so another simple fix is to consider widening doorways. Some doors are not typically built with walkers and wheelchairs in mind. Try aiming for 34-36 inches wide. Change your doors to include swing-out hinges as well.  

Decreases in hand strength is also a common effect of aging. Change your door handles and taps to levers will ease the struggle of trying to turn knobs faucets. 

These are just a few cheap and simple tips to help you start thinking about aging in place. As your needs change, you might have to remodle your entire bathroom which can be an ordeal but by starting small you can get a feel of what aging in place really means and whether it is right for you.