Should I get a medical alert system?


Should I get a medical alert system?

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There are many great aspects to getting older such as being wiser and more confident in yourself! However, as we age we are more likely to have health complications or to experience falls and slips. This means that families often times end up worrying about whether their elderly loved one is safe living on their own.  If you find yourself constantly checking-in or having anxiety about about their well being, a medical alert system is a good option for you to explore, as it will you feel more at ease.

A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) provides emergency medical help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not all medical emergency alert systems are the same, some can be placed in rooms where falls are more likely (such as the bathroom) and others can be worn as a pendant by the individual. The type of outreach is also different, many PERS call out directly to a medical response team (ambulance, fire, police) but others place a call to the caregiver who has opted to be the immediate point of contact. Most PERS also allow you to to check in on your loved one when unusual behaviour takes place, such as a sudden movement suggesting a fall. Whatever your preference, a PERS will ensure that care is given to your loved one, should something happen to them.