How can I get my elderly parents to accept a move to senior living?


How can I get my elderly parents to accept a move to senior living?

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Change is difficult but it’s an inevitable part of life! Below are a few tips to help you empower your loved one to embrace change. You might be surprised that most of them involve you changing your own behavior.


Start with you! Accept their reasons for not wanting help. It is important to listen to and understand why your loved one is hesitant to accept help. Acknowledge their feelings and put yourself in their shoes, it will make you more able to provide them with reassurance.  


Offer options. Start by gradually introducing assistance into your loved one’s life. Instead of having a caregiver present 24/7, start with some support a few hours a week. Adding more time after your loved one builds a relationship with the support - this could be as simple as introducing grocery delivery. If your family member is considering retirement living, try a short-term or trial stay. Most communities offer these options as a great way to get a feel of what the living situation will be like. Always, always, always include them in the process whether it is during the tour or asking them to be involved with finding a caregiver to help them feel more comfortable.


Practice patience. You may find yourself having the same conversation over-and-over again. You might also find that the discussion ends at the same place every time. Remember, it may take several talks to discover why your parent refuses help and several attempts to get through to them but be sure to give them time.