How can families work together to make the right decisions for everyone?

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How can families work together to make the right decisions for everyone?

Dear Ian L:

All families are unique! Your family might be geographically separated or from a culture that has a particular view on aging; getting everyone on “the same page” can feel exhausting. Regardless of your dynamics there are many ways for you to collaborate.
An important first step would be to begin thinking about why you want to make a move in the first place. Write out a list of reasons why each person is concerned about the current situation. Examples could be, “I’m worried about mom falling” or “There is no bathroom on the main floor of the house”. Next, weigh those reasons against the support you would receive at a retirement home versus hiring home care or moving your loved one in with a family member. Take the bathroom on the main floor concern as an example. This is something that couldn’t be easily solved by hiring home care, you would have to renovate the home to accommodate.
If you decide that retirement living is a possible outcome, begin searching for the best home to fit your loved one's unique needs and wants. Refer to our post on understanding your needs and wants (refer to Q2) to learn more. On Pearl’s Choice, you can short-list homes that you are interested in and email this list to your family to get their input. The next step would be to book a tour with the retirement home. Try to make this an experience, book tours around lunch or dinner time and ask the home to provide a meal. Ask to take photos during the tour so you can refer to them later or share them with anyone who couldn’t accompany you.



Posted on July 04 2016
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